Login Tips

  • It takes at least 48 hrs after you have received your password mailer from the Branch to enable your BarodaConnect service.
  • Please choose the correct link i.e.Retail User(for Individuals) and Corporate user (For Non-Individual users)
  • Enter your Sign On password for login.
  • Type the correct user id and password while logging in.
  • Please note that Password is case sensitive i.e. Use Capital or small letters exactly as per your password.
  • Your PC needs to be JAVA enabled .For using the BarodaConnect Services.You may download the necessary software by  coping the link shown below  in the address bar of your browser.


  • Also your PC  browser needs to be set as per the the detailed document available below

Browser Settings

The following setting is required on the client IE browser:-

  1.     Click on the “Tools” menu option. Go to “Internet Options…” under that. Go to “Security” tab. Select “Internet” and then click on “Custom level” button. Ensure that all the security settings should set as ‘enable’. If Microsoft VM is installed, ensure that you enable the ‘custom’ radio button. Repeat the same settings for the “Trusted Sites”.

  1. In the same ‘Security Settings’ (Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Internet >> Custom level >> Java Custom Settings) window, click ‘Java Custom Settings…’.  A new window will open.  Select the second panel ‘Edit Permissions’.  Ensure that all radio buttons are ‘Enabled’. Repeat the same settings for “Trusted Sites” (Tools >> Internet Options >> Security >> Trusted Sites >> Custom level >> Java Custom Settings).
  2. Click ‘Tools’ menu.  Click ‘Internet Options’ sub-menu. Click second panel ‘Security’. Click ‘Trusted Sites’. Click ‘Sites’ button.  Enter ‘https://cbs.intl.bobibanking.com’ in the text field and enter ‘OK’ button.  Un-check the checkbox ‘Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone’.
  1. Now select last panel ‘Advanced’ under ‘Internet Options’ (Tools >> Internet Options >> Advanced).  Ensure that under Microsoft VM all three check-box should be selected (if Microsoft VM is installed). Ignore this step if Microsoft VM is not installed. 
  2. Select ‘Java (Sun)’ and uncheck this checkbox. If you don’t see this checkbox, that means that JRE is not installed on your machine. JRE is mandatory to run the application. You can download JRE from the following URL. http://www.java.com/en/download/windows_ie.jsp
    Supported version of JRE is 1.4 and 1.5
  1. Under ‘HTTP1.1 settings’ the first check-box ‘Use HTTP1.1’ should be checked
  2. Please remove the temporary files from your machine. You can reach the temp folder by typing %TEMP% in the run.


 For further queries, you may contact us by email at barodaconnect.fiji@bankofbaroda.com